Managing Your Time in the Workplace

Managing Your Time in the Workplace

As you know, things can get hectic at the office. You often feel overwhelmed and feel as if there are not enough hours in the day to get everything you need accomplished. New Image Dental Laboratory wants to help! Below are the top 7 tips to managing your time at the office:

1. Start your day the right way: Start each work day with a clear plan of where you are headed both task-wise and time-wise. You don’t want to be that employee buried under 100 post-it notes all over your desk. One suggestion is to make a to-do list for the next day before you leave the office at night.

2. Learn to manage your time effectively: Always feeling rushed and never quite “catching up” is a very unhealthy and stressful state to allow yourself to get into. Don’t respond to every task that pops up. Know which task are important and focus your energy on those things.

3. Get organized: Ditch the desk clutter. Organize your workspace so that it maximizes your efficiency. Don’t forget to organize your computer and e-mail files too!

4. Managing e-mails and a constantly ringing phone: Don’t check e-mails as soon as they arrive in your inbox. Set a particular time of day to read and send e-mails (10 minutes every hour). Turn off your incoming e-mail alerts so you are not constantly distracted. You should also set aside time for phone correspondence. One helpful tip is when you make calls, make several in one block of time.

5. Avoid time wasters: Interruptions are usually either work-realated or social. Ask yourself this question whenever you are interrupted: “what is more important” – the interruption or what you are doing? Attend to whichever is more important.

6. Share the load: Delegate some tasks to others if possible.

7. Take time out: No matter how busy your work day is, take time out for a coffee break, a “real” lunch break , or watch a funny YouTube video.

Now that we have shared several tips on saving time, try implementing one at a time. It will save you time, help you get organized, and reduce stress inside and out of the office!

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