Technical Tip – Diagnostic Wax-ups

Technical Tip – Diagnostic Wax-ups

A diagnostic wax-up is a mock example of the technician’s understanding of his/her treatment plan. It is provided to replicate the outcome before the patient is in the chair.

To get the most accurate diagnostic wax-up, the technician needs a full description of what is expected; items can include the following:

  • Is the goal to match existing teeth, mirror opposite side or correct teeth esthetically?
  • Will the case be veneers or crowns?
  • If the centrals are is involved, the technician needs to know the expected length of the centrals.
  • Shapes vary and any type of description of expected shape would be helpful. (ex: square, square oval, oval as found in “The Smile Styles; The Smile Guide”, or wants teeth to appear more feminine)
  • Many times Doctors will add a note that asks the technician to call for instructions. The advantage of descriptive written instructions is to expedite the completion of the diagnostic wax-up. Further, without descriptive written instructions, the technician may feel his information is complete and creates the diagnostic wax-up with the information given. Full descriptive disclosure of the expected outcome will prevent frustration on the part of both the Doctor and technician.

– Steve Bates, CDT, Specialty Ceramist

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