The Importance of an Impression

The Importance of an Impression

We’re not just talking about first impressions with patients here. Impressions are the ‘holy grail’ of medical device and restorative work, because it’s the foundation of anything we create. And not all impressions are created equal. Taking a physical impression can be a challenge, whether you’re aiming to capture clear margins or dealing with a patient that has a bad gag re-flux. In our lab we’ve seen it all. You may be a veteran with impression taking or gone digital with scanning in office, but the techniques behind capturing a clear impression maintains the most crucial part of what we do.

So what do we look for in our impressions? Here’s a short list of our A+ impression takers.

  1. Clear margins on prepped teeth for crowns, veneers and bridges
  2. No excess impression material bearing into impression posts for implant cases
  3. Avoiding warped or pulled impression material, caused by removing the impression before set
  4. Digital scans with clear margins and manually marked margins if the scan is not clearly picking up
  5. Pour your own models? Avoiding pesky bubbles on cuspids, to ensure vertical clearance is met

Need impression help? If you’re unsure your impression is accurate, make a note on your RX. As we’re quality checking in our model room, we’ll also reach out if something needs adjustment. As always, we’re here to help and serve as a reference for you!

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